Electric Limit Contact Unit SM


Attachment for pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. The contact unit has the function of electrically or inductively sig­nalling of stroke positions or realizing a permanent stroke indication by means of potentiometer or electronic measuring system.

Technical Data

lnput variable 10 - 100 mm stroke, infinitely variable
SwitchMirco-switch with change-over contact, single-pole, switching capacity 1 A / 220 VAO, or inductive contact with or without switching amplifier
Potentiometer90°-turning angle, 200 ohms 24 VDO, bad capacity 120 mA
Position measuring transducer 90°-turning angle 24 VDO, output 0 (4) ... 20 mA, max. output load 750 ohms, protection mode (Ex) iG5, for mounting outside the ex-hazard area, (Ex) iG3 for mounting inside the ex-hazard area
Housingcast aluminium, protection mode 1P54
Switching amplifier

transistor relay, protection mode (Ex) iG5, supply voltage 220 V, 50 HZ, output 4 A/220 VAC/250 VA. Technical data as per NAMUR or DIN 19234. Avaibable (modeb A) with snap mounting tor 35 mm standard vail as per DIN 46277 or (model B) installed in standard housing 104 x 77 mm, 120 mm high

Technical Information (PDF)